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Going Deeper

Most conferences and associations are built around sponsors, speakers, and having brief connections with a large number of people. Most of these events do not allow for sufficient open time for attendees to hear what their peers are doing and learn from them. At a typical conference, when a presenter shares their knowledge and experiences with a room full of people, there it isn’t the ability to go deeper and ask questions most relevant to you. You can’t have a confidential dialog about a sensitive topic in a crowded ball room. Short cocktail conversations rarely dig into deeper philosophical topics or allow for emotional intimacy. Typical conferences are not a fertile environment for building deep and lasting friendships, having delicate conversations, or building a collection of peers to contact when challenges arise.

In contrast, Cross Pollinate curates an intimate environment of peers, interested in going deeper, sharing diverse perspectives and personal experiences, in a confidential environment. Cross Pollinate creates experiences where a wealth creator or inheritor, without any investment background can feel at home sharing their experience and perspective. Likewise, investment professionals, and family office managers feel at home discussing their personal goals as well as the intricacies of wealth and values transfer.


Modeled After Nature

A Cross Pollinate event is unique.  It is more like speaking with knowledgeable friends in the kitchen of your home, than hearing an expert lecture about their solution to your problem. The events are built around thought provoking questions and prompts which encourage self reflection, deep and intimate sharing, and the discovery of common goals and experiences.

Cross pollination is nature’s design. It supports evolution, strength and resilience.

As a community, we have become accustomed to events and service providers that preach one-size-fits-all solutions, as scalability equates to profit. The problem is homogeneity doesn’t work.  Replicating the same culture, scheme, or solution across an entire community doesn’t account for evolution and the environmental changes that compound over generations.  The product of this environment is not resilient or equipped to face the challenges the future holds.

Focused on Families

Cross Pollination as an organization is modeled after natural principles.  The core belief is deep and meaningful interactions between knowledgeable peers will fertilize thoughts and lead to more desirable outcome for all stakeholders.

The intimate events that Cross Pollinate coordinates, both domestically and internationally, are open only to wealth creators, their families and their support. Cross Pollinate events are highly curated, invitation-only, with no speakers or sponsors. Each attendee is responsible for their own costs. In addition to lunches held in cities across the country, events also include tours of local businesses, multi-day retreats, and multi-week international excursions. Regardless of duration or location, all Cross Pollinate events are carefully designed to foster community and build trust and friendships not possible in the typical meetings or conferences.



Connect with your peers in a new way