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In 2019, Cross Pollinate was incorporated as a non-profit trade association to “Connect Families to Better the World.” While the roots of the organization go back to peer groups organized in the Pacific Northwest half a decade before, the seeds were planted in the community even well before that. It took the culmination of several life events to fertilize this idea and bring it to fruition, with the hope that it grows long past the existence of its founders.

Who We Are

Cross Pollinate was founded by Mark Youngblood with the support of many family office staff and principals who were looking for a new way to connect with their peers, while learning and building friendships. Mark is supported by a group of advisors who have been involved with the family office community for decades. Contact us if you would like to know more about the community and its members.


The name “Cross Pollinate” brings the intention of this organization to the forefront — to fertilize new ideas and solutions that will make the world a better place by bringing people together who benefit from interacting with each other.
While we are legally a “non-profit trade association” we are in no way typical of a networking organizations. We do not bring people together to sell sponsorships, charge a membership fee, or monetize our community.
We connect people because in doing so, the results benefit those in connection, create new ideas, strengthen solutions, and ultimately contribute to making the world a better place.
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During the 2019 Cross Pollinate Wine Retreat, several attendees discussed a local biomanufacturing business we visited together before the event. The attendees thought we should collectively invest in this business; leveraging the unique intellectual, human, relational and financial capital of the group. From this discussion, the partnership “Cross Pollinate AbSci” was born. Undoubtedly, more collective investment opportunities will arise out of conversations and connections made through the Cross Pollinate Community. When they do, they will be facilitated by Cross Pollinate Capital, a separate and distinct entity outside of this non-profit. To learn more about Cross Pollinate Capital, click on the button below to be directed to their website.