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Cross Pollinate members often want to share materials that they have found useful, resources they rely on, and other information with each other. We have a Community Portal which includes a secure data room to house this material. The Portal will be used to share details about upcoming events as well as materials and photos from those events with participants.
If you have accessed the Cross Pollinate Community Portal before, click on the link below. If you have not, you can use the intake form on the Contact page, or email to start the process.


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Just as permaculture gardening is radically different from industrial farming, Cross Pollinate has been structured to be radically different from your large networking membership organizations. We chose to set up as a nonprofit organization because we believe connecting private investor peers, to better the world, should not be a for-profit endeavor.

In order to stay true to our mission, to focus on families, and to eliminate conflicts of interest, we are declining to take funding from vendors or consultants. Instead, our funding comes solely from donations.

As part of the community, we ask participants to donate their time and expertise and to show up willing to listen and share. They may also host an event, share their expertise, mentor a peer, or contribute monetarily.

Most Cross Pollinate attendees are familiar with multiple forms of capital. They happily exchange financial capital for the intellectual and relational capital when paying for degrees from prestigious universities, or attending conferences. While we place heavy value on the other forms of capital, financial resources are still required.

Cross Pollinate will exist and offer services for as long as it is providing value to the community. If you are receiving value from our work, please donate accordingly. Thank you.