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Cross Pollinate coordinates intimate peer group events, virtually and in person, as well as domestically, and internationally. The events are intended to be conversations with a small group of people covering a broad ranges of topics of shared interest. These highly-curated, invitation-only events and have no speakers or sponsors, with attendees responsible for
their portion of the cost. See below for general descriptions of regional and
international events, as well as hosted events and retreats.


Since 2014 members of the Cross Pollinate Community have gathered for lunches or dinners in cities across the United States. Attendance is limited to 24 people, but is often much smaller. Past gatherings have occurred in multiple cities. To let us know cities you would like to join us in, complete the intake form on the Contact Page.


Since 2015, a small group of the Cross Pollinate Community has gathered each summer in Oregon for wine tasting, deep conversations and wonderful meals. Spouses and kids are encouraged to join this informal retreat, as friendships are made and deepened. Activities and entertainment vary each year based on attendees, but you may be able to enjoy an award winning performer or an aspiring broadway star around the campfire. If you are interested in participating, complete the intake form on the Contact Page.


In addition to meals and retreats, Cross Pollinate Community members have hosted tours of their businesses and shared their properties for single or multi-day events. Whether it is discussing investments, family dynamics, or philanthropic endeavors, the intention is to learn by sharing your experience and listening to others. If you are interested in hosting an event, please contact us.


The Cross Pollinate Community plans to travel together internationally to learn from other cultures, people, and perspectives. We plan to start with a multi-week tour of South Africa and Zimbabwe in September/October 2022.

These international events will be equal part education and enjoyment with tours of business, natural wonders, and time with government officials and private investors. These tours will be carefully curated both in what we see and do, but also who attends. Our intention is to create an unforgettable experience while also building trust and friendships among participants. Many of these trips will also be designed for multi-generational families to participate together while also ensuring each generation has peers along.



Cross Pollinate Community members are encouraged to bring topics of interest to the community for hosted conversations. These topical gatherings will be curated to maximize peer group learning across families through the sharing of experience and through the questions from others. Topics families have proposed include: evolving the family office and structuring the family bank to encourage entrepreneurship. If there is a topic you would like to discuss with your peers, please contact us.